This is not cowandchicken but there will be lots of sub directories with no index page.... so you can go to places like variety

goto items.html

The mental directory link right here. html cheat sheet in english pdf

To the right is a frame of list where others are at

There needs to be some text here for the page to be balanced visually so I write this and can show you a variety named page.html with a neat vertical drop down menu on the left and content flat blog style in the middle.

Nothing makes sense to people viewing this in different languages without any imagery so here are some images that are formatted like the other parts of this area of the page...


Now there needs to be a lot more stuff continuing on down the page so here is some text and another image.

Here is yet another image. This time it is a picture of thread and buttons.

I thought I would be original and simply put a button here.

We still need text to make sense of the formating and considering there are different languages paragraphs are easy to translate so you should write more and more sentences.

There are some of my paintings in the spheres below.

If you don't see the swf there is still a gif below... bouncer.gif